'Bigg Boss 10': Jason Shah quits, Om Swami safe from nominations

Cotroversial contestant in "Bigg Boss" Om Swami gets two weeks immunity as he agrees to the condition of deduction of price money. Adding twist to the nomination process, "Bigg Boss" calls Om Swami in the confession room and gives him a golden chance to win immunity. But in order to get it, he will be required to pay a certain amount which will eventually get deducted from the prize money, a media release issued said.

Without giving it a second thought, Swami agrees to all the conditions and grabs two weeks immunity. However, he is oblivious to the fact that the house-mates are watching this entire process and are extremely upset with his decision, it said.

All hell breaks loose after "Bigg Boss 10" announces Swami safe from nominations as the house-mates spare no mercy and lash out at him, it added.

Meanwhile, international supermodel Jason Shah won't be a part of the show anymore due to his prolonged health issues.

Commoner Priyanka Jagga who is in the secret room watching carefully every move of the contestants will be joined by Manu Punjabi, who went out of the show after the demise of his mother, said the release.