'Bigg Boss 7' Day 12: Asif introduced, nominates two contestants for captain

In the morning, when Kushal and Gauahar are chatting in the morning, Asif starts chit chatting with them and tries to mingle with the hell-mates as well.

Asif, Kushal and Gauahar gelled up fast and started hanging out together. Kamya and Pratyusha are seen talking about this triad and anticipating them to be the next players. Sangram seems to have found peace on the hell side and is seen teaching yoga to the Jahannum wasis.

Armaan is unhappy of Tanisha getting maximum votes for captainship
Armaan is unhappy of Tanisha getting maximum votes for captainship

Later in the day, Bigg Boss calls Asif in the confession room and asks him to nominate two Jannat wasis who are capable of taking on the role of the captain. Basis his interaction with the housemates, Asif announces the names of Tanisha and Armaan. Unlike last week, Bigg Boss allows the Jahannum wasis to choose a captain through a ballet system. Tanisha gets the maximum votes and becomes the captain for the second consecutive time. Armaan seems to be unhappy with this decision and believes that everybody should get a fair chance to become a captain.

In the afternoon, the housemates get together to discuss the luxury budget. Bigg Boss later announces that only hell mates are allowed to choose their needs. Also, they have a right to demand for the things that they have chosen in the luxury budget at any given time. In the evening, Bigg Boss asks the heaven-mates to make a wish at the wishing wall.

Kamya was called in the confession room by Bigg Boss to share her feelings regarding the showdown she had with Gauahar. Kamya explains that Gauahar has played politics and this is what has been bothering her. She later bursts out into tears remembering her daughter. Bigg Boss assures her that her daughter is fine and doing great.

Housemates playing the tagging game
Housemates playing the tagging game

The day comes to end with Bigg Boss assigning Shilpa to get all the housemates together and get them to perform task to introduce Asif to the other housemates. According to the task, every member in the house has to tag other housemate basis characteristics written on a card. Later, the person who has been tagged needs to guess the name of the housemate who gave him/her that tag. Tanisha is leading this session and ensuring that everybody gets a fair chance.

During this session, Kamya lashes out of Gauahar and tags her as 'jhoothi'. She connects this back to their argument regarding the swap and blames her over and over again to have lied to them about nominations. 

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