'Bigg Boss 7': Kushal gets jealous of Gauahar and Asif's growing closeness on day 19

Kushal was always seen in a very good mood when he was around Gauahar, but recently he is seen to be in a very foul mood. And the reason for him being grouchy is none other than the international model Asif Azim.

Kushal and Gauahar in the house
Kushal and Gauahar in the house

Kushal and Gauahar seemed almost inseparable in the house, but since Asif has entered the house Gauahar is seen spending more time with him, as they were friends from past and have known each other for quite some time. Kushal who had gotten quite close to Gauahar, was not happy seeing the growing closeness between the two.

Asif Azim in the house
Asif Azim in the house

On one such occasion, when Kushal pointed out to Asif that he is trying to flirt with Gauahar, the quick-witted Asif replied that he has been trying to flirt with her from the past 8 years. Gauahar was seen smiling appreciatively at his remark, while Kushal was seen fuming with jealousy.

Here’s hoping Kushal and Asif fight fairly to win over Gauahar.

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