'Bigg Boss 7': Ratan and Pratyusha get into a cat fight

Sep 20, 2013, 03:48 IST | A Correspondent

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First it was about food and now it's about relationships. Ratan and Pratyusha got into a fight when they both were discussing about their past relationships.

'Bigg Boss 7', Ratan Rajput
Ratan Rajput

Ratan happened to taunt Pratyusha about her relationship with her boyfriend as it did not last for more than two years. Hearing this, Pratyusha got upset and instantly picked a fight asking Ratan not to pass her opinion on her personal life and keep her judgment to herself.

Pratyusha Banerjee, 'Bigg Boss 7'
Pratyusha Banerjee

She in turn told Ratan that she should look at herself before pointing fingers at her since Ratan too has faced failure in her relationship. After this heated argument, all we can say is that Ratan and Pratyusha should grow-up.

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