Bihar woman leaves husband's house for lack of toilet

Nov 22, 2014, 13:48 IST | Agencies

Patna: A woman in a Bihar village has left her husband's house after he failed to construct a toilet. She has returned to her parents' house and made it clear that she will not return until the toilet is built.

She has also submitted a written petition at a women's police station here demanding her husband construct a toilet.

Babli Devi, 20, left the house early this week at Bikram in Patna district after her repeated demands to construct a toilet was ignored by her husband Rakesh Sharma.

"When my husband refused to construct a toilet, I left his house. It is matter of respect, honour and hygiene," said Babli who is being supported by her parents. They made it clear to their son-in-law that their daughter will not return till he constructs a toilet.

Babli was married to Sharma last year. He who works as a carpenter. "At the time of our marriage, Sharma promised to construct a toilet but he is yet to construct it," she said.

Babli said she tried to convince her husband when she came in the house as a newly-wed bride. But he neglected her request and beaten her up for this demand.

She said it is a shame for a woman to defecate outside. A toilet is must for every home. "I with my sister-in-law and mother-in-law were forced to move to an open field every day under the cover of darkness to defecate," she said.

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