Bijay Anand: Glad that I got back to acting with 'Siya Ke Ram'

While he was away from the limelight for a long time, actor Bijay Anand says he feels happy that he chose a show like “Siya Ke Ram” as his acting comeback.

Bijay, who starred in films like “Yash” and “Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha” in the late 1990s said no to every offer that came his way until “Siya Ke Ram” was offered to him.

“I quit acting because I wanted to pursue my passion; teaching. I became a yoga teacher and it was all going very well. Many offers came my way but this was one role I personally couldn’t say no to because Janak is Bijay and Bijay is Janak,” Bijay said in a statement.

“Shooting for 'Siya Ke Ram' has been a fantastic experience for me and I’m glad this role chose me to be the part,” he added.

With Sita (Madirakshi) and Ram’s (Ashish Sharma) wedding finally happening and Sita heading to Ayodhya, the focus of the show will now be shifting there and the artists. Therefore Bijay and Bhargavi Chirmule, who plays the role of Sita's parent, won’t be seen for a while on the show.

“There maybe a couple of scenes more on the show at a later stage but for now we are done. The experience of shooting in Hyderabad for this show has been phenomenal and I will definitely cherish this experience for a lifetime,” Bijay said.

“Siya Ke Ram”, aired on Star Plus, is a unique presentation of Ramayana from Sita's perspective.

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