Bike riders throw chilli powder into businessman's eyes, rob him of 2 lakh

Jun 19, 2015, 11:09 IST | Saurabh Vaktania

A businessman was robbed of Rs 2 lakh last Saturday opposite the BKC police station, by two bike riders who threw chilli powder into his eyes. Interestingly, the CCTV installed nearby by the police was not working when the incident occurred.

Sheikh with the Activa he was riding. Police say this is the third such incident in BKC 

The complainant, Tanveer Rabbani Sheikh (37) is a resident of 33rd Road, Khar and has a business of trading in goats and sheep. Twice a week, on Tuesday and Saturday a market is set up at Deonar, where he goes for business.

Speaking to mid-day Sheikh said, "At 9.15 pm I left from Deonar and from Chembur-Santacruz link road I went to BKC. I was on my Activa, and filled petrol at a pump. Then I started moving towards Kherwadi, when two bike borne men came from behind and approached me. The pillion rider showed me a chopper and asked me to stop my scooter."

Sheikh did not stop. He said, "In a second, they threw chilli powder in my eyes. Still I accelerated my scooter and rode for about 200 metres. The pillion rider kept the chopper on my neck and threatened that if I did not give my bag they will kill me. They took my bag and fled. There were some motorists whom I asked to chase them but none did. By then my eyes were in pain." He called a friend and they then called the police.

Defunct CCTV
The police registered an FIR in the matter. Sheikh said, "The incident took place opposite BKC police station. Two minutes before the incident, a police patrol passed by. The incident could have been recorded and the bike number could have been taken but the CCTV was not working."

A police officer from BKC police station said, "We have made sketches of the accused but still there is no clue. This is the third such incident in the area. We are investigating the matter."

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