Bikers, keep off the JJ flyover

Nov 25, 2014, 07:14 IST | MiD DAY Correspondent

One more accident on the JJ flyover has claimed the lives of two bikers. Two men were found dead under two cars on the flyover late Sunday night. One of the vehicles was identified as a Mercedes Benz. According to the MRA Marg Police, the accident took place in the middle of the flyover at around 10.30 pm on Sunday night.

When cops arrived on the spot, they found the two bikers both between 25 and 30 years old under the two cars. The incident allegedly involves at least three cars. It looks like three to five cars were involved in a collision and the accident claimed these two lives. While the police have made arrests in the case, the bigger question is, of course, why these accidents happened at all.

The accidents may have happened because of rash driving and over speeding. The most important reason though is that traffic rules were broken. There are no bikes allowed on the JJ flyover. Clear signs say that on both ends of the flyover. Yet, more often than not, we see two-wheelers on the flyover.

This newspaper has on numerous occasions, published pictures of bikers on JJ, flying past cars and making mockery of the signs that say that there are no bikes allowed on the flyover. This accident happened on Sunday late night, when traffic is thinner. Yet, we have witnessed bikers breaking rules with impunity, during the afternoons especially when they go on to the JJ flyover knowing fully well that they are not supposed to.

They take a special joy in breaking the rule and pulling a fast one on the cops. Sometimes, we do see the cops stopping them at the other end of the flyover, for breaking the rule. It is too late by then, they have already crossed it.

We need greater police vigilance on both ends of JJ flyover, that is certain. Yet bikers too must understand that rules are made for a reason.

The flyover is off-limits to them because there is solid logic behind it, and not just on a whim. Bikers, keep off the JJ flyover.

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