Bikers' pain is mechanics' gain

Oct 12, 2011, 07:41 IST | Yacoob Mohammed

As BBMP fails to fix roads, service centres do brisk business, get around 300 bikes daily that develop snag or get damaged while navigating potholed roads

The city has been witnessing a steep rise in road accidents with more and more people and their bikes being admitted to their respective hospitals, literally.

As the BBMP has been unable to fix the pothole-riddled stretches so far, motorcycle mechanics are doing brisk business, turning bikers' pain into service centres' gain. 

At least someone's happy: Reportedly around 300 bikes are damaged
due to the poor condition of the roads. However traffic constables have
been spotted filing up potholes in a bid to ensure safety of commuters

According to an estimate, around 300 bikes are damaged or develop a snag daily due to the bad condition of roads in the city.

The city's service stations have recorded a sharp increase in the number of bikes hitting their shops in the past two months.

While navigating through these unmotorable stretches, the bikes develop certain problems -- wobbling bikes, break failure and punctured tyres.

"We have seven major dealers and have 100 service centers around the city. We get bikes problems like wobbling and brake failure on a daily basis. This happens mainly due to bad road conditions and nothing is being done about it. We are making money but this is a very sad condition," said Abdul Majeed, Manager, Khivraj Bajaj service centre (central zone).

Apparently, bikers are not happy with the sorry state of affairs of roads. "In the last one week, I have had to give my bike for repair twice. I have ended up spending half my salary on the same. Besides this, often service station takes two days to repair the bikes because of which my work gets completely messed up too," said Asgar Ali, a biker.

Another biker said that visiting service centre had become a routine thing. "Earlier I used to get my bike repaired once in five months, however now, I have to stop at the service station five times a month and leave my bike for servicing once a month. This is becoming unbearable for me. BBMP should wake up now and do something about this perennial problem," said A Navin, a student. 

Cops show way
When the BBMP seems to be dong little to fix the pothole nightmare, the traffic police officials have now donned their mantle. In many parts of the city, traffic constables have been spotted clearing debris and pebbles off the roads, filling up potholes in a bid to ensure safety of the commuters.

"We have to do civic work also now and simultaneously man the traffic posts too. It is just too difficult, all the roads are bad," said V Ramaiah, DCP Traffic (West Division).

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