Bill Cosby's wife must testify, says judge

Massachusetts: Comedian Bill Cosby’s wife Camille must testify against him in a separate civil case filed by seven women who he has allegedly defamed.

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Bill Cosby. pic/afp
Bill Cosby. Pic/AFP

A federal magistrate judge in Massachusetts has rejected arguments by Cosby’s wife of almost 52 years, who also has been his business manager, that the deposition would represent an “undue burden”.

The deposition is scheduled for Wednesday, a week after Cosby was charged in Pennsylvania in the only criminal case brought against the actor. He has been accused by more than 50 women of sexually abusing them in incidents dating back decades. 

Presently, Cosby is free on $1.37 million bail. His lawyer has claimed the entertainer is not guilty and will not consider a plea bargain. (Read more)

Cosby sent a Twitter message on Thursday afternoon saying: “Friends and fans, Thank You.”

Some responded with messages of support, noting he was innocent until proven guilty.

Others showed scorn, asking: “What about the victims?” and “What ‘fans’?"

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