Washington: The Donald Trump campaign has appealed for an "emergency" contribution of $100,000 from supporters to respond to a television ad blitz by the Hillary Clinton campaign as she stepped up her presidential bid.

Donald Trump at a rally in Arizona. Pic/AFP
Donald Trump at a rally in Arizona. Pic/AFP

"Right now we’re facing an emergency goal of $100,000 to help get our ads on the air. We need your contribution by 11:59 pm Tonight," the email from Team Trump said.

"Crooked Hillary is about to invade your TV with ads attacking Mr. Trump. But we’re preparing to fight back," CNN quoted the e-mail as saying.

The e-mail promises to release ads attacking Clinton on her role in Benghazi, Libya, the integrity of her donors and reported FBI probing of her private email server while serving as secretary of state.

"The urgent fund-raising email is routine for most presidential campaigns. But it’s particularly notable since Trump insisted repeatedly during the Republican primary season that he was self-funding his campaign, only to start asking for donations later on," the report said.