Bipasha scared out of her wits!

Jan 02, 2012, 07:03 IST | Divya Unny
Bipasha Basu refused to let herself out of a storeroom at an event unless she was provided with a bigger security cover

An otherwise hassle-free actress, Bipasha Basu recently threw a tantrum at an event in Bangalore where she refused to come out of a storeroom after spotting a huge crowd of fans waiting outside. Bips is generally quite a sport when it comes to interacting with people and meeting commitments during public events.

But this time, at the launch of a jewellery store, the actress got paranoid when she spotted a sea of people who had thronged the venue. The actress then locked herself up in a storeroom and refused to step out unless she was provided with 20 extra bouncers.

Says an eye-witness, "Bipasha was visiting one of her favourite jewellery stores, so initially she was quite excited about the whole event. But when she saw the kind of crowd that had arrived to get a glimpse of her, she got a little paranoid."

Adds the source, "There were 25 bouncers at the venue already and the event was running late. But the actress absolutely refused to step out unless they arranged for more security, which obviously put the organisers in bit of a jam."

The event was not just delayed but even cut short. The organisers apparently were quite helpless and could do little but provide her with what she wanted. "The event venue wasn't that big and nobody really anticipated such crowds. Thankfully, by the end of it, all things were sorted," concludes our source.

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