College students will first buy and then release the birds to promote peace and harmony in remembrance of the departed

To mark the third anniversary of the 26/11 terror attacks, a group of college students will pay tribute to those martyred in the attacks by purchasing 101 birds and then releasing them on November 26.

Dearly departed: College students from Youthunite (from left to right)
Rahul Prajapati, Pratik Nayak, Aditya Pawar, Akshay Pawar and Gaushal
Prajapati will set caged birds free in memory of people killed on 26/11

With this unique initiative intended to spread the message of peace and harmony, the Youthunite groupĀ -- comprising current and ex-students of KPB Hinduja, Lala Lajpat Rai and other collegesĀ -- plan to collect Rs 101 from each student. They will then buy the birds on November 25 and set them free the next day.

To bring to light their novel cause, they are also harnessing Facebook to create awareness. Youthunite in the past have paid tribute to the martyrs by conducting blood donation drives. They also held a disaster management programme for students last year.

Pratik Nayak, member of Youthunite and ex-student of Hinduja College said, "We felt liberated when we released birds at one of our friends' birthday. It was such a great feeling that we decided this is the finest way we can pay tribute to the martyred souls."

With people showing interest in the programme from Europe, Akshay Pawar, another member, said, "One of my friends from Sweden, Sanja Subin, who is not an Indian citizen, has contributed Rs 1,000 towards our initiative."

Aditya Pawar, another member of Youthunite currently studying in Hinduja college, said, "We salute all the martyrs and we will be singing the national anthem before freeing the birds. We shall never forget the sacrifice of our brave martyrs."