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Today is the birth anniversary of former England cricketer James Southerton. He remains the oldest cricketer ever to make his debut in Tests. Today, we take a look at Test cricketers who made their foray into the sport much later in their time.

>> England's James Southerton is the oldest cricketer to make his Test debut at 49 years and 119 days in the match against Australia in 1877.

>> Pakistan's Miran Baksh made his debut at 47 years and 284 days against India in 1955.

>> Australia's Don Blackie debuted at age 46 years and 253 days against England in 1928.

>> Australia's Bert Ironmonger made his Test debut against England aged 46 years and 237 days in 1928.

>> Nelson Bettancourt of West Indies was 42 years and 242 days on his first match against England in 1930.

>> England's Rockely Wilson made his debut at 41 years and 337 days against Australia in 1921.

>> India's Rustomji Jamshedji debuted in Tests at age 41 years and 27 days against England in 1933.

>> Windies' player Archie Wiles was 40 years and 345 days on his debut against England in 1933.

>> Omar Henry of South Africa debuted at 40 years and 295 days against India in 1992.

>> Sep Kinneir of England debuted against Australia in 1911 at the age of 40 years and 216 days