There was huge rush outside gate no.5 of Delhi High Court yesterday, it being listed as Public Interest Litigation day

It seems that Wednesday has become a favourite day for terrorists. After the last blast in the Capital, which took place less than four months ago on the same day, terror struck again that too at the same spot - outside Delhi High Court - this time with greater intensity.

Lawyers opined since court business is usually heavy on Wednesday, a day listed as Public Interest Litigation (PIL) day, the number of visitors is very high. "There are hundreds of PILs filed every Wednesday and therefore, the rush is generally more, especially at the counter where the blast took place. Whoever is behind the blast must have had knowledge about this. Last time when a low-intensity blast took place outside Delhi High Court, it was also a Wednesday," said Deepak Kumar, a senior advocate at Delhi High Court. 

The 26/11 attacks had taken place on a Wednesday. Another series of blasts, which took place in Mumbai on July 13 this year, took place on a Wednesday as well. However, no direct link could be established between any of these blasts. A senior Delhi police official said, "We may buy the theory of the lawyers behind causing a blast outside court on Wednesday, but we could not establish a link with other blasts which have taken place on the same day in other cities earlier.  There is a growing feeling that Wednesday might be the next preferred day for terrorists, after Friday."

Delhi Bar Council president Rakesh Tiku said, "There were an additional 20 per cent people today as it was a PIL day. However, we want to send out a message that we will not be bogged down by such incidents. We had a brief chat with the Home Minister and he stressed on the need for beefing up security. After the low intensity blast last time, we had requested the police authorities to install CCTV cameras. But nothing had been done. Hope this incident would be an eye opener for them." According to reports, the metal detectors at the Delhi HC were also not working for the past several months and the procurement of CCTVs has been stuck in the tendering process.