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In order to explain the concept of Artificial Intelligence, a Mumbai University textbook contains a most bizarre example that may shock readers. According to a report by India Today, a post shared on Reddit by a user with the screen name, s1ddh4nt has a photo of the particular odd example.


Interesting example in Mumbai University textbook.

It reads, "This abstract solution matches to a large number of more elaborate paths. For example, we could drink beer between Nashik and Ahmad Nagar, and then smoke pot for the rest of the trip, although this may add to the distance, since we forgot where we were going, but didn't care anyhow."

The Mumbai University's textbooks have known to carry erroneous content in the past, but this particular thing takes the cake.

Not the first time
In a textbook for the Political Science course at MU’s Institute of Distance and Open Learning, there are chapters on several prominent Indian leaders, but not a single one on the India’s first PM – Nehru. On the other hand, several Left leaders have dedicated chapters in the book. This focus on Left ideology turns up several times in the book.

But that’s not all. mid-day has highlighted excerpts from the textbook — titled Modern Indian Political Thought — which not only label Maharashtrian freedom fighter Bal Gangadhar Tilak as anti-secular. Even the father of the nation isn’t spared. The book blames Mahatma Gandhi for using too many ‘Hindu idioms and similes’ and pushing Muhammad Ali Jinnah to break away and form Pakistan. According to the book, the only side that didn’t play with politics of religion is the Left front. (Click here to read more)