Bizarre! Man turns into math whiz after head injury

Washington: Jason Padgett is one of only 40 people in the world with “acquired ­savant syndrome,” a condition in which prodigious talents in math, art or music emerge in previously normal individuals following a brain injury or disease.

After being knocked out by two men on Friday night in Sept. 13, 2002, he has since become “obsessed with every shape in his house, from rectangles of the windows to the curvature of a spoon.”

When he looked at numbers, colorful shapes superimposed over them, the New York Post reported.

He stopped going to work and began to read anything he could get his hands on about math and physics. He developed a fascination with fractals and pi.

The doctors called what happened to him a “profound concussion.”

Padgett is now a much different person from the mullet-sporting college dropout he was before his head injury.

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