Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders in Goa should 'join the Naxalites' instead of covertly attacking Congress candidates through surrogate advertising, a Congress MP said yesterday.

Speaking to reporters here, Shantaram Naik (pictured), Goa's lone Congress MP in the Rajya Sabha, also said that the Congress had filed a complaint on surrogate advertising with the Election Commission.

"Is the BJP afraid to attack the Congress in the open? If they want to hide behind bushes and hit at us, they should go and join the Naxalites," said Naik.

Naik said a string of advertisements focusing on corruption, nepotism and illustrative of bad governance, released by Friends of Good Governance (FOGG), were surrogate advertisements for the BJP.

FOGG convener Giriaj Pai Vernekar said the ads had been endorsed by Chief Election Commissioner S Y Quraishi when he visited Goa.