Mumbai: Former Maharashtra chief minister Narayan Rane today said BJP should 'expel' bickering ally Shiv Sena from government over Sena leader Sanjay Raut raking up Prime Minister Narendra Modi's name in connection with Godhra incident.

Narayan Rane
Narayan Rane

Stepping up ante against the government after Modi termed as "unfortunate" the cancellation of Ghulam Ali's concert in Mumbai, Raut had yesterday invoked the Prime Minister's past saying he "is known and respected due to Godhra and Ahmedabad".

"If BJP does not agree to what Raut says, Sena should be expelled from government," Rane said, at a press conference here.

"Modi is the Prime Minister of the country. Common people like us feel that saying such things about our PM is neither alright nor befitting," Rane said, adding BJP has not reacted to Raut's comments.

"Modi or BJP should act on this (Raut's remarks) immediately", the senior Congress leader and former Sena man said.

"We are seeing Raut on TV screens for the last few days. May be other Sena leaders don't know how to speak and that is the reason Raut has been given the microphone," Rane said.

The Congress leader alleged the recent foundation laying of Babasaheb Ambedkar memorial at Dadar was against rules. "The land for the Ambedkar memorial is yet to be handed over to the state government. Under which rule did the PM lay the foundation," Rane said.

Rane claimed the ceremony was held in a hurry in view of the impact on voters during ongoing Bihar elections. "The RSS chief has asked to reconsider reservations. The PM agreed to attend the event keeping in mind the massive adverse impact of Bhagwat's statement in Bihar, and after BJP leaders in Bihar pointed out the adverse impact of the RSS chief's remark on elections in that state," he said.

The Centre has not given the land for the Ambedkar memorial free of cost. TDR worth Rs 1,300 crore was given to the Centre, he added.

Leaders of all parties should have been invited for the memorial event but only leaders of BJP and a few others were invited, he said.

"The BJP misled people saying they will reduce inflation once they come to power. Now, the inflation has increased many fold. You (BJP) don't have the moral right to continue in power," Rane said.