New Delhi: Congress member Shashi Tharoor yesterday blamed the BJP for using its ‘brute majority’ in Lok Sabha to thwart his second attempt in three months to introduce a private member’s bill to decriminalise homosexuality.

Tharoor said it was ‘religious bigotry’ of the ruling party that had disallowed discussion on his private bill to amend the ‘colonial era’ section 377 of the IPC that criminalises homosexuality, adding that Parliament was a place for open deliberations on all issues.

He used the opportunity to voice his anguish while moving another bill on the Rights of Transgender Persons when the House was transacting Private Members’ Business.

A few minutes before, the Lok Sabha, for the second time in three months, voted against the introduction of Tharoor’s Indian Penal Code (Amendment) Bill 2016 to amend Section 377 of the IPC.