It may be to believe but Blake Lively didn't bother with a skincare routine until she appeared on Gossip Girl.

The 26-year-old actress is best known for portraying Serena van der Woodsen in US TV show Gossip Girl. She was a teenager when she first appeared in the series and had no interest in taking care of her skin.

Blake is fussy about the cosmetics she uses and doesn't like super thick make-up. PIc/Getty Images

“I’ve basically grown up on a set for the past six years and I used whatever they put on me. I started the show at 19 and didn’t have much of a skincare routine. The older I get, the more I realise now that I’m no longer on that show with someone doing that to me every day. So I need to focus on it more,” she recently admitted to an UK glamour magazine.

Blake is known for her slim figure, but her attitude towards exercise is refreshing. She doesn't punish herself with trips to the gym (she doesn't enjoy working out). Instead she looks out for for other ways to stay fit.