Blocking regional initiatives can't go on: FS on Pak actions

S Jaishankar
S Jaishankar

New Delhi: Sending out a clear message to Pakistan, India yesterday asked it to desist from “blocking every possible initiative” under SAARC, cautioning such a hugely damaging approach will force countries of the region to look for other options like BIMSTEC to boost regional cooperation.

Without naming Pakistan, Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar said some basic standards of regional cooperation have to apply as he noted its opposition to major initiatives like those aimed at improving regional connectivity have frustrated a majority of the member countries. In an address at a leading think tank, Jaishankar, dwelling on China-Pakistan ties, said some issues arising out of the relationship were causing concern to India, including the economic corridor Beijing was building through Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir.

When asked about Pakistan's oft repeated threat of use of tactical nuclear weapons, the top diplomat said, “We do not speak of tactical nuclear weapons, somebody else does.”

Pak violates ceasefire
A civilian was yesterday injured as Pakistani troops violated the ceasefire twice in Poonch and Rajouri districts of Jammu and Kashmir, while a BSF head constable injured in yesterday’s cross-border firing succumbed to injuries.

The civilian Abdul Aziz, (50), a resident of Basoni village in Poonch, was injured when a mortar shell landed near his house, a police officer said.

  • Shahid Anaya23-Nov-2016

    Mr. FS should talk about Indian actions not Pakistan, he must show courage to condemn immature Indian actions. Realistically it is Indian government who is blocking regional initiatives, for example border disputes with all neighbors, deployment of missiles targeting neighbors, blocking of water, supporting cross border terrorism and use of brutal force against freedom movements. It was India who blocked SAARC after planning Uri terrorist attack just to silence the Kashmiri freedom movement and

  • Rohit23-Nov-2016

    In reality India is violating the Line of Control (LoC) to divert the world’s attention from violence in Indian-occupied Kashmir. the Kashmiris have been fighting against India for their right to self-determination since decades. whereas, Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) government being under immense pressure in India was also a reason of the tensions at LoC as Modi’s government were not able to deliver to its people.

  • Rabia24-Nov-2016

    Indian FS is forgetting that its their country that is trying hard to create a regional block by blocking Pakistan recently at every forum. Instead they should work for peace initiatives and reslove the current existing disputes to bring prosperity.

  • Arham24-Nov-2016

    Its been so long that India is playing blame game against Pakistan. It must be kept in mind that the South Asian regional stability and peace is solely dependent on the very behaviors of both nuclear armed states Pakistan and India. It is not the Pakistan which is creating chaos for the Kashmiris and is violating the human rights by torturing and abusing the Kashmirs. In order to avail the benefits of regional cooperation initiatives it is necessary for both states to act with sensibly.

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