Blonde women are aggressive, determined and have "warlike" characteristics as compared to their brunette or redhead counterparts, says a study.
Researchers at the University of California found that women with fair hair were likely to get more noticed and also get better treatment.
Principal researcher Aaron Sell examined links between confidence and aggression in female undergraduates and found that blondes appeared to display a "warlike" streak though they were less likely than brunettes or redheads to get into a fight themselves.
"We expected blondes to feel more entitled than other young women -- this is southern California, the natural habitat of the privileged blonde. What we did not expect to find was how much more warlike they are than their peers on campus," Times Online quoted Sell as saying.
Catherine Salmon, an evolutionary psychologist at the University of Redlands, California, added: "Blondes are more confident in their abilities, although the results do not necessarily support their confidence.
"Maybe responding to their own stereotypes, brunettes tend to work harder and expect less special treatment. Women who go blonde quickly get used to the privileges of blondeness -- usually male attentiveness."
But some other blondes begged to differ with the findings.
Actress Emilia Fox said: "As I've been every colour of hair under the sun and I'm not sure that my temperament has changed with my hair colour, I can't verify this as true. My ambition comes from enjoying working hard, rather than being blonde."
The study was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science.