Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis paid tribute to former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi one day prior the former PM's 25th death anniversary, at Mantralaya in Mumbai on Friday.

Devendra FadnavisDevendra Fadnavis paid tribute to Rajiv Gandhi. Note the date in the picture. Pic/PTI

However, May 21, 1991, is the when the former Prime Minister was assassinated and Fadnavis seems to have garlanded the picture of Rajiv Gandhi a day before.

Rajiv Gandhi's death anniversary is observed as anti-terrorism day across India on May 21, which is marked by a pledge taking ceremony among other activities. But the Mantralaya observed it on May 20 in Mumbai. 

Whether it was an actual goof-up or there has been an administrational mistake is still not clear. It could be that the administration had a specific reason for holding the even one day in advance. 

You take a call on whether it's a blunder or not on the state government's part. 

Earlier in March, a picture of Devendra Fadanvis, standing next to three portraits on 'Shaheed Diwas' made rounds on social networking sites and went viral because the Maharashtra CM paid tribute to the wrong photo of Bhagat Singh in an official programme.

The picture that was being circulated has two goof-ups. First, out of three portraits, there is no portrait of Sukhdev and on the contrary there are two of Bhagat Singh and one of Rajguru. Second, the portrait which is in the centre is actually of Bhagat Singh and is erroneously named as Sukhdev.