BMC cracks down on illegal restaurants in Mumbai

Oct 19, 2015, 21:46 IST | A Correspondent

After a fire that claimed the lives of 8 Mumbaikars in Kurla on Friday, the BMC started its crackdown on illegal restaurants and establishments on Monday.

It inspected around twelve hotels, sealing eight and suspending their services. Also, it has suspended the license of one more hotel.

BMC officials sealing Moti Mahal restaurant

Four hotels among those that the BMC took action against are Grade I hotels like Shiv Sagar, Hotel Janata Lunch Home, Asia Bar and Savana Phoenix, for unavailability of fire extinguishers, lack of NOC, health licenses and unauthorised construction on premises. The BMC has cleared HNS Pvt Ltd for complying with fire safety standards.

The BMC also initiated action in other wards including Ward A, C, D, H, K(East), N, P(North), S and T, where it demolished unauthorised extensions of hotels and seized unguarded items that can be fire hazardous. Some of the hotels against whom action were taken includes Sardar Pav Bhaji and a CCD outlet.

BMC officials sealing a restuarant for non-compliance of rules

A BMC spokesperson said, “If the hotels fail to comply with fire safety norms within the stipulated time of seven days, their water and electricity connections will be cut off. Legal action will be undertaken against them for further non-compliance.”

After Friday's fire incident, BMC chief Ajay Mehta directed all ward officers to inspect grade one, two and three hotels in Mumbai. Mehta appointed a special team for every ward. The teams comprise of health official, a fire official and a civic official.

The teams will inspect the NOC granted to the respective hotels, will ascertain if the said area is being used for the purpose listed in the NOC and if any changes have been made to the area after the NOC was granted.

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