BMC election: Clash in Congress over a chair in Thane, literally

Feb 08, 2017, 16:50 IST | Suraj Ojha

The party office at Indira Nagar where the clash took placeThe party office at Indira Nagar where the clash took place

With the upcoming BMC polls, all parties are in battle mode and ready to clash for those coveted seats, but in Indira Nagar, Thane, they are fighting over another seat: A chair. So much so that Sunita Singh, chief of Congress' women's ward, landed in hospital for it.

Feuding chairs
It all went down on February 6 at the Congress party office in Thane where area president Dr Manoj Yadav allegedly fought with Singh over whom the chair belonged to. Singh's brother Sumit said, "Our family was been with the Congress for 40 years and my sister has spent her hard-earned money to set up that party office. But when she applied for a ticket and didn’t get one, she decided to stand as an independent. Now, these people are claiming that it is their office and she has no right to sit there. When Yadav saw her there, he started arguing with her and later, called 5 to 6 people who started beating her."

He added, "When we found out Sunita was in trouble, her younger son rushed there to find her on the ground. He then took her to the cops where she collapsed, so the police admitted her to Thane Civil Hospital for treatment."

Sunita Singh at hospitalSunita Singh at hospital

The other side
Yadav, however, denied the allegations saying, "I simply asked her to leave office. After this, she started arguing and called her two sons, Pankaj and Raju Singh, to threaten me. Eight months ago, she had pulled a similar stunt with a woman activist, for which she was arrested and the party severed all ties with her."

An officer at the Thane police station said, "We have registered an NC against Sunita and taken her statement. As she is admitted in hospital, we are probing the case."

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