Shops in Kannamwar Nagar, Vikhroli, remained shut this morningShops in Kannamwar Nagar, Vikhroli, remained shut this morning

Several shops and businesses in Kurla (West) were urged to shut shop this morning by police officials as a "precautionary measure". However, shops owners in the area, especially restaurant owners, were left fuming as they alleged they had not been given prior information to keep their establishments closed on election day.

Dimple Chheda, a hotelier at Kurla, rued, “If they wanted us to keep our hotel and shops closed, they should have informed us at least a day in advance. We have already purchased the daily raw materials, which now run the risk of getting spoiled. This morning, police officials just arrived to our shops and asked us to shut business for the day, without offering any reason.”

According to locals, some police officials had said that shops were being shut as a precautionary measure as Kurla is a “sensitive area.”

Over 20 shops near the poll booth in Kanjurmarg were also asked to shut shop for the day. An angry shop owner at Kanjurmarg said, “Why are our shops being closed for elections? We will be suffering heavy losses.”