A video grab shows a woman offering money to a resident
A video grab shows a woman offering money to a resident

It seems the BJP has run out of ways to woo the voters, with money being the only option left. Just two days ahead of the civic elections, some workers were allegedly found handing out cash to residents of Nofra area in Navy Nagar, to garner votes for their candidate Makrand Narvekar.
Cashing in on money
Shiv Sena workers alleged that around 8.30 pm on Saturday, they spotted a couple of woman BJP workers moving from door to door and bribing people to garner votes for Narvekar. Shiv Sena Yuvasena legal advocate Dharam Mishra said, "The women were taking the voters' details and signatures and offering them money in return. When our workers asked them as to what they were doing, they failed to reply. Nearly 500 R2,000 notes were recovered from their bags. Thereafter, we informed the chief election flying squad, but they turned up an hour later. By that time, the women had managed to escape from the spot."

He further said, "Our workers recorded a video of the incident, which was given to the Cuff Parade cops. We filed a complaint with the police, but they registered a non-cognizable offence (NC) offence against the BJP workers under section 171 (E)(punishment for bribery) of IPC."   
Speaking on condition of anonymity, an election officer said, "On getting a call, we immediately rushed to the spot. However, we were not allowed inside, as it's a Navy-controlled area. But later we went to the Cuff Parade police station and filed a complaint, following which an NC was registered against the BJP workers."

It's baseless
Countering the allegations, BJP candidate Makrand Narvekar said, "The allegations against me are completely baseless. Sena claims to have shot the video at Nofra, but candidates are not allowed to campaign in the area, as it is a high security zone. Apart from this, the woman in the video does not belong to our party."

He further added, "Sena has tried their best to capture this seat. But not being able to do so, they are playing a different kind of politics. Just to confuse people, they plan to field an Independent candidate by the name Makrand Narvekar."

No. of Rs 2,000 notes found in the bags the women were carrying