BMC installs bio-toilets for victims of the Damu Nagar fire at Kandivli

Jan 02, 2016, 08:45 IST | Tanvi Deshpande

The BMC has installed two bio-toilets for the victims of the Damu Nagar fire at Kandivli. As the toilets do not have septic tanks, the waste is decomposed, sewage water is let into the ground and the gas is allowed to escape.

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The BMC has been experimenting with setting up bio-toilet blocks in the city, with one already installed in a slum in Powai. A bio-toilet block does not have a septic tank and hence does not require any digging or construction. The sewage is treated with vermiculture to create compost.

“A lot of people are still living here and they do not have access to toilets. Women especially face a lot of problems... they can’t go to the remote hill or shrubbery to answer the call of nature at night. Besides, construction of a septic tank was time consuming. That’s why we decided to install bio-toilets here,” said Sahebrao Gaikwad, assistant commissioner of R/South ward.

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The two toilet blocks include each for men and women. The BMC has roped in a local NGO which is funding it as a CSR activity. The procurement, installation and maintenance will be done by BMC. The cost of one block is around Rs 1.5 lakh.

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“The sewage water is currently drained out and gas is allowed to escape. But we will think of ways of tapping the gas also. Besides, we have also put Halogen lights in the area,” Gaikwad said.

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