BMC polls: All sorts of excuses for not voting

Busy, sick, embittered, late... all this and more were cited as reasons by Mumbaikars who didn't turn up at the polling booths. A few admitted they did not want to commute all the way, while one was honest enough to say he was just not interested

Name: Nikhilesh Parkhi (24)
Resident: Seven Bungalows, Andheri (W)
Occupation: Third year student of mass media
Reason: Even though my name is registered in the voters' list, I decided not to vote as I want to register protest against the candidates contesting elections from my ward No 57.
The candidates who are representing our constituency are not well educated and so I feel that its better not to waste a vote against ineligible candidates. What development can we expect from the political parties who are involved in various scams and it's better not to vote.

Pics/Pradeep Dhivar, Rane Ashish

Name: Sushila Shinde (61)
Resident: Four Bungalows, Andheri (W)
Occupation: Housewife
Reason: In my 15 years' experience of voting in this ward, I have learnt one thing: No corporator has any interest in solving people's problems. After winning the elections, they don't even visit the area for the next five years. They are only interested in awarding tenders to contractors and earning their cut. By not voting, I feel I am saving my ward from corrupt corporators. The last corporator we elected from ward no 56 did no work because of which there was water logging in the area during the rainy season.

Name: Mohammed Sajid Khalil Shaikh (22)
Resident: Lokhandwala, Andheri (W)
Occupation: Service
Reason: I did not feel like voting because there is no worthy candidate. If we want development and good infrastructure, we need well-qualified youngsters to come forward and contest. In the last Assembly elections, I voted thinking our MLA would do some basic work at least in his own area, such as fixing potholes. But since the day he got elected, we, the residents of Lokhandwala, have not even seen his face.

Name: Preeti Inamdar (24)
Resident: Borivli (W)
Occupation: Student, fashion designing
Reason: I could not get the formalities done in time and the registration date for the municipal elections elapsed.

Name: V Sodhi
Resident: Juhu
Occupation: Retired from service
Reason: My name was missing from the voters list at the polling booth. By the time the electoral officer realised the location of my polling booth, the 5.30 pm deadline was up.

I Joseph (35)
Resident: Borivli
Occupation: Head of operations in a private firm
Reason: If we vote, we will be voting for people whose literacy level is as good as zero. Moreover our problems will continue even after the elections.

Name: K Sanghavi (18)
Resident: Seven Bungalows
Occupation: Student
Reason: I don't have my voter's identity card with me yet.

Name: Madhuri Doshi (39)
Resident: Peddar Road
Occupation: Housewife
Reason: Qasab is still to be hanged. There is so much corruption. I don't feel like casting my vote today. You think my vote will stop the corruption in this country?

Poll Khol
Constituencies: 227
Candidates: 2,233
Voting percentage: 44.12%
Highest: S Ward (Bhandup): 51.05%
Lowest: A Ward (Colaba): 34.15%

Mumbai's History
2007 BMC polls: 46%
2009 Assembly polls: 46%
2009 Lok Sabha polls: 43%

More 'reasons' from voters in other suburbs
I really did not have the time to go out and vote. As you can see that I am in a hurry. I have a meeting with my client in Borivli. But I wish I had time.
- Vishal Narang, businessman

I skipped the opportunity to vote because I couldn't leave my children alone in the house. I would have surely voted had my husband been in the city.
- Sarita Jog, housewife

I was in no mood to support corrupt politicians.
- Madhukar Chavan, businessman, 18th Road

I have been at my uncle's place in Andheri; he was unwell so I couldn't come back to my polling booth in Bandra.
- Zaheer Lakhani, student Bandra

This was my first election, but I don't have any trust in any of the political parties.
- Sameer Ladha, student

My six-year-old son has been very ill for the past two days and I have to look after him.
- Sadeq Jafry, housewife

I am helpless as even last time I had voted but the same result, corruption.
- Kounain Ratnani, businessman

It was too crowded at the polling booth so I came back. And I don't have the strength to go back. I have other chores to attend to, like I have to go to the market also.
- Kamal Pathan, housewife

There is no deserving candidate.
-  Nafees Haider

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