BMRCL's plan no threat to BMTC

Sep 05, 2011, 08:11 IST | Sheetal Sukhija
As Metro services are expected to begin by Sept 25, the BMTC plans to introduce a fleet of 100 additional buses for 'Bus Day' on Sept 5 in a bid to keep passengers loyal to the public transport facility

With the BMRCL all set to start operations on Reach I by September 25, the BMTC has now come up with what is being called a new strategy to retain customers. The BMTC is planning to introduce 100 additional buses for 'Bus Day' to be held on September 5, and will be putting all spare vehicles on the road to increase bus strength on city roads.

Survival strategy: BMTC plans to focus on quality and to make travel
by their buses more user-friendly.

Meanwhile, traffic experts who conducted an informal survey at the start of the Metro project, claim that around 20 per cent BMTC users would move over to Metro services once operations begin. However, despite regular statements and comments by higher officials in the city's mass transport department, BMTC officials maintain that the Metro poses no threat to them whatsoever.

Working around
"Bangalore Metro is no threat to us. It would definitely ease traffic flow and while the Metro will focus on the main corridor, BMTC will operate on interior routes. If the other Metro projects take off fast, then we might incur a 10 per cent loss. We will need to co-ordinate to sort out any such issues," said Prabhu Das, chief traffic manager, BMTC.

"Regarding travel convenience for IT professionals and college students, whose organisations fall in the path of the Reach I, Metro would be their first option rather than the BMTC. It remains to be seen however, if the BMTC will face any direct impact at the end of this year," said a source within the transport department. With the BMTC drawing flak for irregular services, arrogant drivers and ever increasing accidents, news of the Metro being inaugurated has got them on their toes.

The department is now planning projects and initiatives, which would make the public transport body more user friendly, and another objective being looked into by the BMTC is improvement in quality of services. "At the moment, around 47 lakh people take BMTC buses daily. This month, on 'Bus Day', we will have 100 spare vehicles plying in core areas and the timings of buses running on general shifts, will also be prolonged. We will also increase trips to please passengers," said Das.

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