Body stuffed in sofa: Dahisar cops give clean chit to victim's husband

Days after mid-day reported about the gruesome murder of a four-month pregnant lady at the hands of her husband’s ex-girlfriend, the Dahisar police have given a clean chit to the husband.

Preeti and Prashant Bhagekar
Preeti and Prashant Bhagekar

Cops had suspected that Preeti’s spouse Prashant Bhagekar was involved in hatching the sinister plot with his former girlfriend Ujwala Veer. Based on the statements given by Veer’s domestic help and the neighbours, cops said Prashant was at his residence when the murder took place.

mid-day’s report
mid-day’s report

Officials said when Veer was murdering Preeti at her house, her domestic help reported for duty as usual. Upon hearing Preeti’s cry for help while Veer was slitting her throat, the domestic help started knocking on the door harder to check on Veer.

Panicked by the sudden appearance of the maid, Veer told her that she had cried out in pain after falling off the bed. Without opening the door, she then asked the maid to take the day off. Inspector Uday Rajeshirke from Dahisar police station said, “We have given Prashant a clean chit.

We are now searching for Preeti’s cellphone that was discarded by Veer in a dustbin. We are seeking help from the mobile network provider to trace Preeti’s phone. We have also recovered the murder weapons used by Veer. She had hidden them at her residence.”

The case
On February 11, Veer called Preeti at her residence on the pretext of repaying Rs 20,000 she had taken from Prashant in the past. Veer locked the door from inside and strangulated Preeti to death.

She slit Preeti’s throat with a blade and clubbed her head with an iron rod. Veer later stuffed the body inside a sofa-cum-bed, changed her clothes, cleaned the bloodstains and sat on the sofa-cum-bed for the next three hours.



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