Vidya Balan gets Mumbai police to solve traffic woes... after 9-day wait

Feb 23, 2017, 06:00 IST | Asif Rizvi


Now you see it: The picture of the abandoned car at Bandra Reclamation that Vidya Balan had tweeted to the Mumbai police

For Vidya Balan, all it takes is a tweet. Sure, it took the cops around nine days to act on it, but after she complained on February 12 about an abandoned car blocking the road leading towards Bandra-Worli Sealink near Mahim causeway, the Mumbai police on Tuesday finally shifted it out of the way.

In her tweet, Balan had told the Mumbai police that the car had been seen parked there for several days, requesting them to look into the matter.

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Now you don’t: Nine days later the car was towed away by the traffic department. Pic /Shadab Khan
Now you don’t: Nine days later the car was towed away by the traffic department. Pic /Shadab Khan

However, it was almost nine days later that the Mumbai police responded to her in a tweet reading, “We had informed the concerned traffic division about the abandoned vehicle and it has been towed away.” It is now stationed near the Bandra traffic police chowkie.

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Cops notifying Balan of their action on February 21

According to the cops, the Mumbai traffic police had seized the car a few weeks ago. “There are several cars that are seized by the police in different cases. For investigations, the cars are kept at the local police stations. But when the traffic police seizes a car, it is kept with their divisions and after the required documents are furnished, a nominal fine is levied and the car is released. However, some people fail to present the required documents and hence the cars remain lying with the police, making it look abandoned.”   

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