Bollywood actresses booked!

Dec 05, 2011, 07:25 IST | Subhash K Jha
Sushmita Sen, Deepti Naval and Raakhee Gulzar are all set to give readers a view into their personal lives, through the pages of their autobiographies

It's soon going to be the season of star-autobiographies in Bollywood, especially of the female actresses.

Sushmita Sen
And leading the pack, we hear is Sushmita Sen who's putting together the saga of the first 35 years of her highly adventurous life, with no punctuation marks.

Says a source, "Sushmita loves to write. Not many people know this, but she is a very good poet and an outstanding ranconteur. She is secretly putting together the first of her biographical accounts."

Deepti Naval

Reportedly, Raakhee Gulzar, who is fastidiously reclusive, too has been penning her intriguing personal tale.
Deepti Naval is already well into her memoire and hopes to release it at the soonest.

Says the actress, "It describes my journey as a woman and an actress. I've been working on it for quite some time. I'd have completed it much earlier. But I got busy with my next film. Once it is in place, I will be in a much better frame of mind to finish my book."


Interestingly while some actresses are putting their life-stories on paper, their male counterparts instead seem shy of narrating their accounts.. Jackie Shroff, we hear, started to write his story but abandoned the idea.

Too many skeletons in the closet?
Rishi Kapoor says he would never write his memoir because people tend to lie in them to avoid hurting themselves and the others. Shah Rukh Khan says his autobiography 20 Years In A Decade is scheduled to hit the bookstores 'soon'.

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