Bollywood Fashion: Is yellow the new white?

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Let's admit it. While those white shoes were quite the fashion statement, it is being overdone just a tad bit now. And since the gloomy monsoons are here in full swing, a pop of colour is more than welcome.

Alia Bhatt
Alia Bhatt

We recently spotted Alia Bhatt and Kiran Rao sporting bright yellow sneakers. Alia wore the shoes with Gabriela Alexandrova separates and braided hair. It was a look we took to without a second thought, because as casual as it was, it certainly didn't lack in impact. Kiran Rao, on the other hand, wore hers with printed pants and a top.

Kiran Rao
Kiran Rao

There wasn't anything majorly off about the look and yet the printed pants did seem to clash with the yellow shoes. If you are opting for shades similar to these, pairing them with pastel hues would be smart, even though a little risk-taking never hurt anybody.

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