Fate brought the 100 metres chief starter and the parents of sprint king Usain Bolt together during the recent World Championships in Daegu, South Korea.

Usain Bolt

Alan Bell was the man triggering the starter's gun during the Championships, when Bolt suffered his shocking false-start disqualification in the final of the showcase event.

Bolt's parents, dad Wellesley and mum Jennifer, were seated in the VIP seats next to Bell's life partner Lesley Minervini, on that ill-fated day.

The story unfolded that when the 60-year-old Bell went to meet Minervini following his day's work on the track, Bolt's mother was there to offer him friendly, reassuring words that there were no hard feelings.

Bolt's mother apparently hugged him and told him she and her husband understood his decision. "All the hype has been around Bolt's disqualification because he is one of the biggest names in sport," Bell told The Cumberland News daily newspaper.