Boman is special for Benegal

The filmmaker apparently won't commence shooting his next till the actor is ready with his dates

They made an impressive actor-director combo in their last film Well Done Abba. So it's little wonder that Shyam Benegal, at any cost, wants Boman Irani to be part of his next project titled Haryana Brigade.
Says a source, "There have been times where directors and producers are pushed to postpone projects because a particular star may be too busy.

Shyam Benegal seems to realised that there is no substitute to a good actor. So he has decided to put the project on hold till Boman sorts out his dates."

The film, aims to highlight the urgency behind the Ganga cleaning campaign, which has been facing too many glitches of late.

Interestingly, like Well Done Abba, the director wants Boman to play the lead. However, Boman who has been busy with his son's wedding preparations and other projects, including the latest Shaukeen remake.

Adds the source, "Boman's date book is packed till early next year. They were in two minds about approaching someone else for the role, but the director has made it clear that only Boman can do justice to it and he is ready to wait."

Actors Rishi Bhutani and Neetu Chandra have been finalised for the project, which will be shot in Varanasi and Allahabad.



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