Bonding over bling

One has years of experience and elegance etched on her face, while the other is a glowing new mum. The mother-daughter duo -- Neetu Singh and Riddhima Kapoor -- dazzle us with their warm talk about their favourite things: Mahesh Notandass' latest jewellery range and Riddhima's five-month-old daughter Samara. Here's an excerpt:

Who: Neetu Kapoor with daughter Riddhima
What: Talking about their love for jewellery
Where: Notan Villa, Pali Hill, Bandra (W)

Passing on the glitter
Riddhima: I came down from Delhi with my baby, as I wanted her to spend some time with her nana, naani and mama. It seemed like the perfect time to do this ad campaign for Mahesh Notandass' new jewellery collection. It was five years ago when I had just gotten married, when my mom and I were approached to endorse Mahesh Notandass' exquisite jewellery. The concept was the tradition of a mother handing down her heirlooms to her daughter. This was exactly what had happened with me and so both of us loved the thought behind the campaign and decided to take it up instantly.
Neetu: Like any other mother, I too handed over family heirlooms to Riddhima at her wedding. My kadas, matha patties, polki necklaces, basically, big antique jewellery that was handed down to me by my mother and mother-in-law. I enjoyed them during my younger years, and it's now time for Riddhima to enjoy them. I've also kept some for my future daughter-in-law. And now with Samara in our lives, I'm sure Riddhima is already planning to hand down some heirlooms to her.

A gold mine
Riddhima: I love wearing jewellery that makes a statement. You'll find me teaming up earrings and bracelet or earrings and a solid ring. Or, I'll just sport a neckpiece. Mahesh Notandass is the first shop I head to whenever I want to buy jewellery -- be it gold, diamonds or uncut stones, their range is just fantastic. Also, their assistance is one of the best. They have some of the best designs in town.
Neetu: For me, elegance always wins over opulence. Now, I love wearing something tiny, mostly stones. But at weddings, I like to wear mid-size earrings. And Mahesh Notandass has always presented a huge choice, from modern to traditional. Whenever there's any important function in my daughter's family, I head to a Mahesh Notandass store to buy jewellery. I trust the brand's credibility. I once gifted a Turkish evil eye jewellery piece to a relative and then hankered for one. They had the exact evil eye bracelet in their store which I had bought from Turkey. This is why I say, Mahesh Notandass is one stop-shop for all your jewellery demands.

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