Books and Biddu

Biddu is best known for songs like Kung Fu Fighting and the iconic Made In India. He's now back in the news with his new novel Curse Of The Godman. Set in the hills of Darjeeling, it's a story of romance, mysticism and bigotry. The singer-musician-producer chats with CS:

Brainstorming on the beach
The idea for the book came to me one day when I was lazing on a beach in Spain. I thought about the tiger, the murders, romance, etc, and roughly outlined the ideas in my mind. Then, I made 36 squares on the paper, and jotted down an idea on every square. This was the genesis of my story. Recreating the life in a tea plantation wasn't tough as I'ved lived on a plantation. For the rest of the research, there's always Google (laughs).

Drawing parallels
Writing and making music are quite similar in nature. They are both lonely professions. Typing away on the computer is almost like banging away on the synthesizers. I used to start writing at 6am and finish by the evening so that I could spend some time with my family. 

My favourite reads are political magazines. Sue, my wife, is a more avid reader and loves philosophical books and biographies. My next book is sort of a tribute to aamchi Mumbai.


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