What if you walked into a bookstore and stumbled upon a person who changes you? Sometimes, the answers to the buzzing questions in your head aren’t in any book, but in the stories of regular people - in their everyday struggle and triumph. From the story of a college dropout, who is a mixed martial arts champion, you learn that fear is imminent, or in the journey of a doctor from her dreams to divorce and depression, you find out how to put yourself back together. These are a mélange of stories - real, unedited and unrestricted - ready to be accessed at a human library.

What started as an anti-violence initiative 12 years ago by Ronni Abergel in Denmark is now the Human Library Organisation present in more than 70 countries. "It has transformed into a platform for discussion and conversations sans any bias. It is a place where real people as ‘books’ are on loan to readers, and the two can engage in a discussion to answer questions, converse and learn new points of view. In India, these events have taken place in multiple cities, the most famous ones being at Hyderabad and Indore and today, our city will get to witness it," explains Priyanka Pimpale, core team member of the Human Library’s Mumbai chapter.

Spearheaded by Andaleeb Qureshi, who came across the concept while browsing the Internet one day, the endeavour hopes to encourage more conversation.

"There is a story and a storyteller in everyone. We decided to tap into their inner raconteur and reached out to the people we knew are living out-of-the-box lives," says Pimpale.

WHEN: May 28, 3 pm to 7 pm
WHERE: Title Waves, St Paul’s Media Complex, 24th Road, Off Turner Road, Bandra West
CALL: 26510841