Very few can resist the charm of Athens, and actor-model Mrinalini Sharma was no exception. The lady, who was recently shooting in Athens for a film, decided to stay back after the shoot for a 10-day holiday. Mrinalini recounts her trip to CS:

All about Athens   
The weather went from being warm to the beginning of winter. I also experienced a bit of rain. I was in Athens, the capital of  Greece. Acropolis is the main attraction there and I visited it twice. There are many temples there as well. One of my favourite haunts was Monastiraki, a flea market neighbourhood in the ancient part of Athens. Athens is a metropolitan city interspersed with monuments and history. Walking through the streets was like taking a lesson in Greek history. What fascinated me the most was when the roads gave way to glass panels showcasing the archaeological digs underground.  The museum in Acropolis had the maximum amount of such digs.

Warm vibes
The locals were hospitable, jovial and wonderful. A look at their routine and culture made me realise they are very similar to us Indians. I could relate to them easily. And I had a good time tasting the local cuisine. Their wine leaves made for a perfect starter. I developed a great fondness for their olive Pate. Their local delicacy Moussaka was delicious and so were the Kebabs and Souvlaki, which is barbecued meat or vegetables. I always went to Monastiraki in the evening to shop and gorge.

Peaceful expressions
Like I mentioned early on, Athens is a discovery of culture and history. More often than not, I was in awe of the sights and the hustle and bustle of the city. However, owing to the discontent in Greece right now, there was a lot of Graffiti everywhere. But those did not reek of violence and anger. In fact, they were actually spectacular pieces of art unto themselves.