The second season of Box Cricket League for small screen stars may have barely begun, but 10 actors have already been left nursing injuries of various degrees — shoulder sprains, muscle cramps, swollen feet and what not.

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Naman Shaw
Naman Shaw

Producer Nivedita Basu of the Kolkata team, who has sustained six to seven injuries, says actress Charu Mehra sprained her hand while practicing bowling while Naman Shaw has fractured his finger. "Then Ssharad Malhotra fell while diving for a catch, and Krrip Kapur Suri has both hands bandaged. Ali Goni dislocated his right shoulder. They are used to the season ball, but with soft ball, the technique changes. We have pushed ourselves so much during practices that I just hope when the matches start, we shouldn’t be worn out. Seven of our main players are injured," she says.

Will Naman continue being part of BCL? "I have a hairline fracture on my left hand’s middle finger. Luckily, I am a right arm bowler, so I am somehow managing," he says.

A source informs that Siddharth Arora of the Ahmedabad team may not be able to play the first match due to the injury on his hand. Shobhit Atre from the Chennai team couldn’t play well due to a muscle pull during practice session. His teammate, Rafi Malik has sprained his shoulder and is sitting out of the session.