Box office: 'Agneepath' wipes out the rest

This week's releases, 'Gali Gali Chor Hai' and the others stood no chance as the Karan Johar film cruised full steam ahead

Agneepath continues to blaze at the box office. On its second Friday, it netted more than what Gali Gali Chor Hai earned in the first three days since its release on February 3.
The Hrithik Roshan-Sanjay Dutt-Rishi Kapoor starrer crossed Rs 100 crore on Sunday.

A still from Agneepath

Pegging the first weekend numbers of Gali Gali... at R 4 crore, veteran trade analyst Amod Mehra points out that in places like Nagpur and Amravati, the shows were cancelled.
"In many centres, there were no shows on Monday," he said, attributing it to lack of hype. "No saleable star cast, no proper publicity, no good music either. The title Gali Gali Chor Hai didn't attract any attention either."

Delhi based distributor Sanjay Ghai of Mukta Arts Ltd attributes the failure of the Akshaye Khanna film to zero audience interest. "People didn't seem even remotely curious to see the film."

Sharing the same sentiment, a head of a national multiplex chain sighed at Khanna's predicament. "Akshaye was a promising actor at one time.

A still from Gali Gali Chor Hai

But despite being a very good performer, his choice of subjects and lack of enthusiasm for promotion and publicity have affected his movies at the box office," he said, on condition of anonymity.

None of the English releases Love You To Death, Man On The Ledge, Journey 2 and Chronicle registered any numbers. On the contrary, The Descendants continued to generate interest despite a limited release.

"Noteworthy nominations at the forthcoming Oscars has kept the curiosity on the George Clooney film going," informs Prakhar Joshi, programming head at PVR Cinemas.

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