South Korean B-boy Blond, who led the world-famous Extreme Crew, is in the city to conduct workshops on this dance form, as it emerges as one of the fastest growing dance styles to pique the imagination of the young, street smart Indian dancer

Rotation-defying gravity, headspins, backspins, power moves and a demonstration of unbelievable skills sums up B-boying for most. Perhaps, the fascinating, edgy nature of this dance form makes it increasingly popular among Indian youngsters. To take this even further, Underdog Kombat, a young B-boying crew based in Mumbai, has invited international B-boy Blond of Extreme Crew fame to conduct workshops for dance lovers.

B-boy Blond of South Korea's Extreme Crew

Take to the streets
Streetdancers in Mumbai will get a unique opportunity to learn from South Korean Youngkwang Joung, popularly known as B-boy Blond in four sessions. "This is the first time that an international artist is coming down to conduct workshops in India. Usually, they visit only for commercial purposes," says Keith Dias, founder member of Underdog Kombat.

Keith Dias and Paritosh Parmar of Underdog Kombat

Keith, who first started learning B-boying in Kuwait, where he lived until four years ago, came to India and felt the lack of any means of taking his passion forward. "There were hardly any B-boying groups in India at the time," says the 22-year old. He met street dance enthusiast Paritosh Parmar, through a social networking site and together they decided to start Underdog Kombat. "Whenever international artists would come to India, we meet them and ask them for tips and suggestions to help improve our moves. We were lucky enough to get guidance from some of the world's best B-boys," admits Keith.

"In 2007, B-boying was still to create any impact in India. I used to do Hip-Hop then. I met Keith who introduced me to B-boying culture abroad; we learnt a lot from YouTube," shares Paritosh. "In the last four years, B-boying has become exceedingly popular. Today, we have seven crew members," he says with pride.

On the fourth anniversary of Underdog Kombat, Keith and Paritosh, with the help of dance company de Naach, have invited B-boy Blond to teach the dance form to youngsters here. "We wanted to increase the scope of this dance form here and encourage youngsters to take it up seriously. We are laying the foundation of B-boying here," adds Keith.

Aanchal Gupta, proprietor of Arts in MotionĀ  dance studio agrees that the popularity of this dance form has seen a tremendous increase over the years. "Most collegians are taking to it. Kids even as young as seven are enrolling for our B-boying classes," she says adding, "It's challenging and its fascinating nature is perhaps the reason for its growing popularity. Not to mention the reality dance shows as well."

Blond, who has been B-boying for the last 14 years is visibly excited to be in India. "It's my first time here and India is a very interesting place. I have conducted workshops in Italy and America before, but this is the first time I am conducting a workshop in India. I am looking forward to seeing the Indian B-boys in action," shares Blond before heading for a warm-up session.

On: Today and tomorrow, 12 noon to 2 pm, 4 pm to 6 pm
At: Kenstar Hall, Behind Fun Republic, Andheri (W).
Call: 9920039137 / 9819885539
Cost: Rs 500 per session, Rs 1,500 for all four sessions