12-year-old cat Chiquinho, which always rides with his owner on his motorbike is the talk of the town in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

That's one cool cat! Chiquinho doing what he loves best. Pic/AFP
That's one cool cat! Chiquinho doing what he loves best. Pic/AFP

The cat is somewhat of a local celebrity in Rio de Janeiro and is also called 'Brazilian Garfield'

The feline's owner Alexandre Goulart, a father of four, who resides of Favela de Rocinha, goes about his daily routine with his furry friend in tow. He even posts updates and videos with Chiquinho on his YouTube channel.

Videos of Chiquinho riding on the handle bars of Goulart's bike, which have gone viral, have made the cat an internet sensation. Alexandre says he feeds his pet a basic diet of yogurt, beans and steamed carrots.