Bring it on, quizmaster!

Are you good with dates? Are you the guru of football or tennis, music or the Sciences? Think you know more than your friends, about these areas and about everything else? Well, how about taking a test to see if you really are as knowledgeable as you claim? Welcome to QuizCross, a quiz based social networking game, that not only test your General Knowledge Quotient, but also helps you find out your position globally as well as among your friends on Facebook.

You can participate using either a QuizCross or a Facebook account, and challenge everyone, right from those on your friend’s list to a stranger sitting halfway across the world. The rules are simple — you pick a tile of your choice (alternately) from technology, science, sports, movies and music.

The game is played like Tic-tac-toe, so whoever first gets a three tile strike wins, but to claim a tile, you got to answer all the questions correctly. You are entitled to own a tile even if you give one or two correct answers, but remember that your opponent could challenge you and win the tile back, if he gets more correct answers.

The game relies heavily on your data connection, so faster the connection, the better it is. It is available for free version (with ads) as well as premium version. You can access everything on the free version, except statistics, which is available only in the premium version. Besides, the ads can be quite irritating, especially since they never change. Nevertheless, it makes for a fun game on your smart phone or tablet.

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