A Brisbane man won a first division lottery prize the same day as his father.

Both men won more than 195,000 dollars each after they both used family birthdays as numbers for their Saturday entry.

The Bayside man, who requested his name to be withheld, said that when he informed his fiancee she insisted he tell the rest of the family.

"It was only then that I remembered Dad plays Lotto with the same numbers as me, so he must have won division one as well," News.com.au quoted the man as saying.

"When I called Dad he had no idea he was a winner; it was amazing to be able to break the good news," the man revealed.

He said he knew exactly where he would be spending the money.

"We're getting married early next year, so I have a lot of expenses at the moment," he said.

"We hadn't planned to go on a honeymoon as we couldn't afford one, but all that's changed now," he added.