height of selfie

For this 26-year-old daredevil, no wall is too high. British climber James Kingston, who will be releasing his new book 'Never Look Down' recently recounted his experience of taking a rather, dangerous selfie from atop the 984-feet-tall Eiffel Tower two years ago.

Somehow ignoring the terrifying drop below him, Kingston is seen balancing on part of the structure’s iron lattice work, while trying to capture a bird’s eye view of Paris from above.

James managed to evade CCTV cameras, security and hid in the framework to dodge capture on his ascent before eventually climbing down at 9 am, when he was immediately arrested and questioned by police. The police made James delete all photos from his phone, but he had secretly stuffed memory cards from cameras he also had with him on the climb down and kept all the good footage. The result is for all to see.

But, climbing the Eiffel Tower is just one of many astonishing feats he has accomplished since becoming a practitioner of the modern sport of parkour. His videos of climbs up cranes and buildings have attracted more than 11 million views on YouTube.