A cat that was brought to catch rats at British Prime Minister David Cameron's official residence No.10 Downing Street sleeps all day. The reason? He spends the nights roaming around with his new 'girlfriend'.

The ex-rescue cat who moved in with PM David Cameron to get rid of vermin, has hooked up with a pretty tabby called Maisy.

The reason why Larry the cat sleeps all day has been attritibuted
to spending his nights catching mice at night with his girlfriend

She lives yards away in St James's Park with owner and park manager Mark Wasil-ewski who confirmed the neutered Tom has been paying visits to his pet.

Last night a Royal Parks spokeswoman revealed, "The two appear to be content with each other's company, sometimes enjoying meals together."

She added, "An occasional mouse has been left on the doorstep, perhaps as a thank-you."