British PM eyes TV in bedroom for Christmas

David Cameron reveals that watching James Bond and serial Spooks is his ideal festive viewing; says that he is banned from any decoration at home

He might be in charge of the country but David Cameron is powerless when it comes to decorating his home at Christmas.

The British Prime Minister has revealed his wife Samantha has the final say over the tinsel and fairy lights at Number 10.

Who's top of the tree this festive season: British PM David Cameron
revealed that he has received strict orders from his wife Samantha not to
interfere in Christmas decorations. File pic/getty images

And if he does become involved and makes a hash of things, he meekly follows orders to put things right.

TV turn-offs include Alan Sugar, adds Cameron, whose dream Christmas day TV schedule consists of an episode of Spooks and a Bond movie.

"We take Christmas very seriously in our house, especially the decoration of the tree," the Prime Minister said.
"Sam won't let me anywhere near it -- in fact one year she made me remove the lights I'd strung up and start again."

Like millions of households across the country, Number 10 adheres to strict traditions on December 25.

"We always check what's on the TV... watching James Bond on Christmas Day was a ritual when I was small and it's beginning to become one for my children too,"  he said.

"And yes, the television's on at three on the dot for the Queen's speech."

He still receives stockings, he said, and presents are always opened in the morning. 

Asked about what he'd watch when he put his feet up after lunch, he added, 'I'd  have a Spooks reunion episode with all the old characters back from the dead.

"Then one of those great costume dramas like Jane Eyre or Bleak House, then a  film � Goldfinger or The Sound Of Music, which I still love watching."

Revealing what makes him want to turn off the set, he said: "Alan Sugar for  adults. SpongeBob SquarePants for children."

Despite -- or perhaps because -- of the need to keep up with current affairs  during virtually every waking
hour, Cameron admitted the Prime Ministerial  bedroom does not have a TV set.

Other questions unearthed Jamie Oliver as the PM's favourite TV chef and his choice for 2011  Sports Personality of the Year is England cricket captain Andrew Strauss.

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